We came a long way from Duck Hunt


Remember way back when Nintendo had all the cool controllers. Shooting ducks from behind the couch without even wondering about the responsiveness, let alone the applications for other games.

Fortunately Nintedo haven't let up since. After all the WE stuff they now did a Mario Kart style 180 with their Nintendo Labo. All the amazement from way back coupled with the enjoyment of assembling bit and bobs yourselves.

In some ways, Labo is as much a showcase for some of the Switch’s under-recognized technologies as it is a showcase for Nintendo’s in-house creativity.


As far as I understand the price (starting at 80 us dollars) might be the only thing standing in the way of this platforms succes and could scare of most parents. But as it is yet to find a major audience, until then we are secretly hoping it will bring back our Duck-Hunt-alternative-controller vibes from way back. But in an enviromentaly safe cardboard package.