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Report internet discrimination

MiND and TMRW proudly launched a new incentive to rid the world of online discrimination... Allright, it seems like a strech. At least we are trying. Trying to steer public opion. Trying to hold people to account and so on.

The older MiND campaings needed a new and fresh approach. Especially with the upcoming elections, and fresh from the ongoing 'zwarte pieten discussie', the public needed a new superhero. TMRW shaped SuperMinDi to rid the online world of nastyness and discrimination. SuperMiNDi features in this campaign animation as well as on the MiND website. Explaining how MiND Nederland works.

MiND illustrations
Super MiNDi explains the workings op MiND Nederland

#animation #design #strategy #sounddesign @roderikpatijn

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