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A platform for teams and organizations to quickly collaborate on new ideas, share knowledge, and get feedback directly from customers.

Method + approach

Our programme offers a new approach to collecting insights into human centered design and application trough our handy toolbox of innovative methodes.

Toolbox + workshop

This toolbox will be the focus of a series of workshops. The workshops offer a solid foundation to those who never worked with a Design approach. The corresponding toolbox provides solice to those who like to put their knowledge into practice.

Workshop participants working out their ideas on a whiteboard.

Dates + locations

Please send us an e-mail us if you would like to know more and/or want to get dates and locations. Or use the form in the bottom right corner of your screen to contact us.


TMRW is a CRKBO licensed instructor and has taught Design Thinking, SCRUM and Interaction Design at Dutch colleges.

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