From red lights to bright lights

HVO Querido and Amsterdams Coordinatiepunt Mensenhandel offer shelter to women who fell victim to human trafficking. Apart from keeping them from harm and providing them with legal counsel they offer an array of courses.

By reading this book, and tasting the recipes, you will learn that victims of human trafficking are powerful women. Women who work hard at turning their lives into something beautiful.

Carlijn van Hengstum of HVO Querido

The results of the cooking class has been spectacular not only yealding tasty results but offering women a sense of self and solid job opportunities. As their confidant and trainer HVO's Carlijn van Hengstum spends a lot of time with the women at the shelter. And seeing them focus on skills and regaining trust was the starting point for this book.

Eigth women from seven different countries provided their most precious recipes and cherised stories. Memories that make a book that is about so much more than cooking. TMRW joined forces with Mara Vissers to design a book without reveiling their identities that let trought enough rays of positive light to inspire others.

Product Design + Concept
Account HVO Querido / ACM
Text Eva Hoeke

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