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Build a web app in one day

Daan Olieroock

If one thing will come out of this pandemic it will be the time you get to spend at home reading all those books you wanted to read. Archiving all the archives you wanted to archive. And, finally building that app you boasted to your friends about back when bars were still open.

With a Web App manifest in the form of a webmanifest JSON file and some clever trickery you can have your website running like a native app in no time.

Check out our website on any mobile device. Click the ‘add to homescreen’ button and check out the native like experience.

Sure, without App- or Play Store credibility but in time for when your favourite watering hole opens.

Check the Progressive web apps documentation for more info.

If you are interested and want to know how we turned the TMRW website in a native UX? Contact us here.

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