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Oculus YachtEye dashboard

YachtEye is a framework that connects onboard data to a powerful visual dashboard and entertainment modules. The system intuitively shares valuable insights about the journey, the stay on board and the surroundings. And we got to play with it!

oculus dashboard positions
Some of Yachteyes features: current position. Images by YachtEye

TMRW had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Studio 81 on some of the YachtEye applications design and styling. Altogether an amazing cool product for an user group that is notoriously hard to please. We think Martin at Studio81 and the guys at Oculus Technologies really nailed it and we were happy to be a part of it. Being just a little cog in the production wheel left something to desire. However we are pleased with the result and apparently it is a hit with the super rich sea goers.

oculus dashboard global
Some of Yachteyes features: local weather. Images by YachtEye

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